Cheers! while waiting for the last race of the Regata Storica 2018 on the Grand Canal.

Waiting for the Regata Storica

The Regata Storica is one of the main events in the Venetian calendar.

It’s usually on the afternoon of the first Sunday of September. The Regata Storica comprises a historical boat pageant and a series of Venetian rowing races, for children, men and women, in different kinds of traditional Venetian boats.

For the 2018 edition of the Regata Storica we ended up with a group of friends in their boats at San Marcuola. We were close to the turning buoy of the race, far from the starting point.

However, being at the far end of the race meant we had lots of time to eat, drink and fool around, which we then happily proceeded to doing.


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