René Seindal rowing a gondola


René Seindal


Danish, but I’ve been living in Venice for close to ten years now.


Martina Sola, my wife

We have two dogs:
Stella, adopted at 18 months (mixed beagle/jack russell)
Giubba, adopted at about 10 years (mutt)
Penny, adopted at 14 years (Scotch Collie), left us in January 2019.


I do history themed walks in Venice at History Walks Venice and photo walks with Photo Walks Venice.

I founded Venice Kayak in 2008 and ran it for about a dozen years. Venice Kayak offers guided kayak tours in the city of Venice and in the lagoon.


Danish, English and Italian fluently.
I understand some German and French.
My Venetian is really poor.

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