Oarmake (remer) Savario Pastor chatting in his workshop during a break.

Saverio Pastor – Venetian oar maker

Saverio Pastor is the grand old man of Venetian oar making.

He makes oars and oarlocks for gondolas and other traditional Venetian boats for over 25 years.

Not that here are many oar makers left by now. As far as I know, there are only three professionally active in Venice.

The forcole of Saverio are works of art. Many are sold and sent abroad, where they’re on display as sculpture in wood.

His workshop in Dorsoduro is a tourist attraction by now, with groups large and small booked for his workshop months in advance.

I went there to photograph in late November on a commission from the  CNA (an association of artisans and small companies) for a project to promote Venetian artisans.


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