Glass Common Denominator - Glass Week 2019

Glass Common Denominator – Glass Week

Glass Common Denominator is a collective photographic exhibition, part of the Glass Week event by the City of Venice.

The Venice Glass Week is an annual event to promote the glassmaking traditions of Venice. These traditions go back at least a thousand years, and therefore one of the main attractions of the city. One of the many sub-events is this collective photographic exhibition.

The members of three photographic associations have taken the photos around Venice. The association Marco Polo Fotografia where I’m a member, is one of the participants.

I’m participating with two photos of my friend Simona Iacovazzi, taken in her workshop Perlemadre Design.

The exhibition is open 10-17, all days except Tuesday, in the Palazzo da Mula on Murano.

The photographic exhibition “The Glass as Common Denominator” is promoted by the Municipality of Venice in partnership with three Venice based photo club: “El Grandangolo” of Murano, “Obiettivo Burano” and “Associazione Marco Polo”. It’s a chance to develop an unconventional approach to the issue of glass of Murano.

The exhibition shifts the focus from the finished art object to the realisation process and, in a wide sense, trying to explain the complexity of this industry made by creators and craftsmen work, that implement their knowledge and traditional knowledge in a widespread, complex and almost unknown economic sector.

The lagoon region, the water and its tides, push this photographic survey on Murano island as historical site not only on the artistic glass production but also linked to urban and domestic using up, interested in observing during times, men, their footpaths, their stories and existences, by photographers shots collected by very representative venetian photo clubs.

The exhibition will be open untill 13th October, from 10am to 5pm (closed on Tuesdays).

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