The Venetian lagoon on the fog - fisherman

The Venetian Lagoon under the fog

I had an errand at the Lazzaretto Nuovo island the other morning, and during the boat ride there I found myself alone in the Venetian Lagoon under a dense fog.

Visibility was about 50m. The distance between the briccole, the wooden canal markers, are circa 25m and from one you could just discern the second down the line.

Luckily I know my way around the lagoon, so I didn’t get lost, and I also happened to have my camera with me in the boat.

The first landmark along the way was the 16th century fortress of Sant’Andrea where Casanova was once imprisoned, and where the only armed defence of the Republic of Venice took place in 1797 against French ships.

I met almost nobody along the way. A sole fisherman was collecting clams or worms, and a motonave passed on its way from Punta Sabbioni towards the Lido and Venice.

For the rest the lagoon was empty and eery.


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